1. What are Criollo and Corrientes?

Criollo refers to a type of cattle commonly known as “cattle of the country”. Corrientes are a type of Criollo cattle. The Criollo are descendants of the original cattle brought to the Americas by Spanish explorers.

2. What is the difference between grass fed and grass finished beef?

Grass fed means that beef has been on pasture or hay  at some point…but is “finished” in the feedlot by eating grains, usually corn.  Grass finished means the animal is “finished” on grass.  In our case, that means our cattle stay on native pasture until they are ready to go to the processor–and your freezer.

3. How is the beef processed and packaged?

It is processed and inspected at a USDA approved processor. All the meat is vacuum sealed and frozen; it is delivered (frozen) in boxes.

4.  How do you deliver?

We currently have a schedule of delivering beef to the processor at the first of each month.  It takes about two weeks to get the meat back, allowing time for dry aging, cutting, and freezing the meat.  When the beef is being cut and packaged, we make final arrangements with you for delivery.  It needs a couple of days to freeze solid, then we pick it up, put it in our “mobile freezer” and make the delivery ASAP in order to assure that your product stays frozen and safe.  Delivery within 100 miles is free; outside 100 miles we have a nominal fuel surcharge.

5.  How much freezer space will I need?

A half will fit into a 5-7 cubic foot freezer; a whole will be from 4-6 boxes and will take a large chest or upright freezer.

6.  What is the cost?

The beef is charged at $7.00 lb for a whole, $7.25 lb for 1/2, and $7.50 lb for 1/4. Hamburger, 10 pound minimum is $8.50 per pound.

7. Does the meat cook differently?

Yes, because it is lean and is not injected with water or other solutions like many commercial meats. We offer tips and recipes.

8. What cuts can I expect?

You will receive premium cuts such as tenderloin, steaks and roasts along with hamburger meat. The breakdown is approximately 10% premium cuts (tenderloin, ribeyes, New York Strips, 35% sirloin, round, chuck and flank steaks and roasts, 15% ribs, stew meat and brisket and 40% ground beef.

9.  Help! I don’t understand the order form!

Hey!  No problem, we had to learn that too,  We are happy to help you determine what you want–just give us a call.

10.  Can we visit the ranch?  Are we allowed to pick out a certain animal?

Visits to the ranch by appointment are welcomed.  Picking out a certain animal is available for a surcharge of $100.  This is because it will take extra labor to gather, identify and keep records on that certain animal.